Significant subsoil deformation and additional loads from the new denitrification unit caused a major problem with the load-bearing capacity of the coal power plant. It was necessary to perform an advanced assessment of the technical condition of the structure. Laser scanning (LiDAR) were used to obtain detailed data upon structure. Based on the analysis of the point cloud, the location of the column axes was determined, which allowed to determine the global and local displacements of the structure. Spatial models of the structure were created. Non-linear analyses of the structure were carried out using two types of models: 1) global beam-shell 3D models of the boiler room used to calculate the magnitude of internal forces and deformations of the structure; 2) local beam-shell detailed models of selected structural elements. Based on the results of the calculations, necessary reinforcement of the structure was designed and successfully implemented. Advanced analysis of the structure using laser scanning, subsoil monitoring and complex numerical models made it possible to perform only local reinforcements of the entire complex structure.
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