Guidelines for Authors


Preparation of the paper

Authors are responsible for paper content, including copyrights and text formatting. Please follow our Template carefully.

Template ACE - 2024 (DOC)
Template ACE - 2024 (PDF)

Guidelines for Authors - 2024 (PDF)

Submission of the paper

Articles for publication in the journal Archives of Civil Engineering and authors' licenses are submitted to the Editorial System ( It is recommended that ORCID codes be provided for each co-author. Signing the license agreement is required. Download License Agreement


Submission of paper to the Archives of Civil Engineering implies that the material is original and unpublished work, not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Archives of Civil Engineering will not accept articles that have been shared as preprints.

If permission for publication of any part of the material is required, it should be obtained by the author.

Both the corresponding author and other co-authors are responsible for approving the article for publication in the Archives of Civil Engineering.

Under the license, Authors retain copyright and other proprietary rights relating to the article, such as patent rights, the right to use the substance of the article in future own works, including lectures and books, and the right to reproduce the article for own purposes, provided the copies are not offered for sale, the right to self-archive the article.

Peer-review process

The editor appoints two reviewers whose names are hidden from the authors.

The authors' data is unknown to reviewers.

The paper will be published in ACE, provided the reviews are positive. If reviewers have any comments, the authors receive reviews to read and consider these comments.

The editor decides whether the paper meets all requirements, i.e., formal and scientific.

Paper publication requires the author's final approval.

As soon as the publication appears in print and in electronic forms on the Internet, there is no possibility of changing the content of the article.


Submission of the paper is free of charge.

Since 01.11.2023, the publication fee is PLN 4200,00 gross or, for foreign authors, EUR 900 gross.

The condition of publication is two positive reviews of independent reviewers.

After the article is approved for publication by the Editorial Board, the Author will be informed about the date of payment transfer.

ACE is a non-profit organization, and all fees are calculated solely to cover costs.

The authors are asked to provide data for the invoice.

Open Access Policy

OPEN ACCESS ”Archives of Civil Engineering” is an open-access journal with all content available at no charge in a full-text version. The journal content is available under the licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. We respect and promote the principles of publishing ethics. Being guided by COPE’s Guidelines, we ensure that all participants of the publishing process comply with these rules. For further details please do refer to the following documents.

Ethics policy (DOC)
Manuscript peer-review procedure (DOC)

Submission of articles for publication in the journal Archives of Civil Engineering should be made via the website:

Submission of papers is free of charge. Submitted papers are accepted for publication after the favorable opinion of two independent reviewers.
When the publication is accepted, the Author must pay the article processing charge.

Payment is required to the following bank account:

Politechnika Warszawska Wydział Inżynierii Lądowej
Archives of Civil Engineering
al. Armii Ludowej 16, 00-637 Warsaw
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. in Warsaw
Number: PL 67 1240 6175 1111 0010 9501 5106
with the annotation: "Author(s) name and surname, PAPER_000(number of the Paper), ACE"
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