Optimization of innovative design solutions in geotechnical engineering
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Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Al. Armii Ludowej 16, 00-637 Warsaw, Poland
Submission date: 2022-07-19
Final revision date: 2022-09-13
Acceptance date: 2022-09-15
Publication date: 2023-04-03
Archives of Civil Engineering 2023;1(1):329-342
The demands placed on industry today are increasingly challenging and demanding. To meet these challenges, designers, contractors, and technology managers are constantly looking for effective solutions. Industry has always thrived on new technologies and innovations to achieve better results, so it is critical to undertake new developmental research to simulate and test new technological proposals. In this paper, the author describes a new direction in civil engineering technology that interdisciplinary couples solutions known to the bridge industry with geotechnical aspects in the technology space and the possibility of implementation in the construction industry. The author proposes the application of prestressing together with technological aspects of this solution to diaphragm walls, which are not only a temporary housing but also the foundations of a new investment. Thanks to this solution it is possible, among other things, to resign from one level of diaphragm expansion of diaphragm walls, which translates into cost optimization. It is an innovative approach to designing and most of all constructing the load-bearing structure, which directly influences the technological optimization of selected issues of completing the underground parts of the investment. Additionally, the presented solution contributes to the balanced execution of the investment by reducing the use of materials and construction equipment. The author discusses technological, execution and implementation problems related to the application of innovative solutions in construction companies together with examples of cost optimization. The author presents the results of conducted research with application of the proposed solution in the implementation of the underground commercial investment.
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