In this paper, the authors present an extension of the scope of the previously conducted research to the full three-dimensional computer simulation (using the finite element method), which takes into account the interaction between: heavy caterpillar tracks system - working platform - weak subsoil. The article presents a computer model considering two caterpillars, resting on elastic-plastic sub-soil, with standard Mohr-Coulomb yield conditions, allowing for computer simulation of the behavior of the system up to achievement of ultimate limit state. The results of the above model are treated as the reference for a simplified Analytical Models of estimating the limit state, which might be used in design procedures. In turn, these Analytical Models are enhancements of previously presented one. The most important results concluding form the Analytical Model are simple interaction formulas, in the space of moments acting on the machine-subsoil system, limiting a domain of safety in given soil conditions.
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