The objective of this study is to assess the impact of utilizing a BW (Buttress wall) to control the deflection of a diaphragm wall in colluvial soil conditions in Vietnam. The physical and mechanical properties of the colluvial layers are evaluated using data closely monitored during a specific project, serving as validation for 3D numerical simulations utilizing the Hardening Soil Model. The analysis results closely match the field monitoring data, which has tested the accuracy of the simulation model. This forms the basis for further investigations into the dimensional parameters of BW walls, including length, thickness, and spacing between them. The results obtained from the parametric study demonstrate that altering the wall length and spacing between BW walls significantly limits the deflection of the diaphragm wall, while changes in thickness have a negligible effect. Through the 3D numerical simulations, a linear relationship between the maximum wall deflection and parameters such as wall length and spacing between BW walls has been established.
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