Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Nano-Modified Cement Paste
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Publication date: 2020-08-25
Archives of Civil Engineering 2020;66(3):253-263
The mechanical properties of cement paste modified by nano-TiO2 (nT) and nano-SiO2 (nS) were experimentally studied. The compressive strength increased first and then decreased with the increase of nanoparticle content. When nanoparticles were added into the cement paste as a filler to improve the microstructure, the two kinds of particles both could form a tighter mesh structure, which would enhance the density and strength of the structure. The elastic modulus increased rapidly with the increase of the nT content and reached a peak when the nanoparticle content is about 3%, which was about twice the elastic modulus of ordinary cement paste. The Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observation results showed that the microstructure of cement was network connection and fiber tube. The hydration progress of ordinary cement slurry was insufficient, and many unreacted cement particles remained. With the addition of nanoparticles, the internal structure of the cement became denser, with fewer pore cracks, smaller pore diameters, more complex fiber tube arrangements, and significant anisotropy, thereby improving strength and mechanical properties.
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