This study focuses on experimental ageing tests with high temperatures carried out on prototype under ballast mats (UBMs) according to the procedure of the European standard EN 17282, which was introduced in late 2020. Most of the analysed UBM samples are based on recycled elastomeric materials, such as styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) granules and fibres from end-of-life car tyres and rebond polyurethane waste from polyurethane product manufacturing plants. Additionally, two variations of the mat based on mineral wool are analysed. Significant differences in the values of static and dynamic characteristics measured before and after the ageing tests are demonstrated, and permanent deformations of the recycled polyurethane-based mats are shown. Moreover, it is proved that the elastomeric mats based on recycled rubber materials (SBR granules and fibres) have high durability and are an effective solution in terms of protection against vibration and structure-borne noise from railway traffic. In addition, the authors propose criteria for assessing the results of the ageing test with high temperatures of UBMs tested according to the procedure of EN 17282.
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