The revitalisation of post-harbour and waterfront areas is an issue that has been subject to intensive public discussion over the recent years. The topic is becoming increasingly popular due to the high value of post-harbour areas. They are distinguished by their aesthetic, environmental and recreational qualities. The possibilities for developing such areas are considerable: residential development, waterfront park areas, public spaces, a variety of service developments. So far, many successful projects of such transformation have been carried out. This article focuses on an analysis of the conditions and potential of the Port of Żerań in Warsaw and the possibilities for its transformation. The study was carried out by desk research using available spatial data and information provided in scientific publications. A survey was also carried out on a group of 146 Żerań residents. The results of the analyses showed that the local environment is under heavy anthropopressure and the social and technical infrastructure is in very poor condition, while the area also has many advantages and significant development potential. The most important of these include the convenient location, the favourable ownership situation, the multitude of areas not yet developed and the presence of elements related to former activities. The current condition of the harbour offers opportunities for development in both recreational and leisure and residential directions. It is also possible to create a mixed-use neighbourhood, and the potential development would have a positive impact on the entire neighbourhood.
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