The initial prototype BIM system for the optimization of integrated construction processes
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Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Vilnius, Lithuania
Bialystok University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Bialystok, Poland
Submission date: 2022-03-11
Final revision date: 2022-05-25
Acceptance date: 2022-06-09
Publication date: 2022-09-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2022;68(3):617-631
It is often spoken and written about the use and benefits of BIM in the design, build, and exploitation phases. Based on an extensive analysis of scientific articles and practice, it has been noticed that, however, there is no comprehensive solution for the use of BIM at the stage of preparation for construction. And there is no relevant approach to the organization of construction though various software offers availability to calculate separate processes that are important for the organization of it. For example, based on the BIM model, determine the optimal place for the tower crane. But the problem is that such a local solution does not represent a comprehensive approach and does not represent apprehensive construction planning. It means, currently there is no method of planning, which will answer the questions: whether to choose a tower crane or a truck crane, where is the optimal place for unloading construction materials, considering the location of the crane, etc. Therefore, this article presents the vision and strategy of BIM development at the construction stage. The problem that should be solved now is the creation the strategy that will allow to improve the efficiency of construction works, adjusting them to the current situation in an optimal way. Therefore, the aim of the article is to combine separate ideas of BIM using in construction management as a whole and call scientists to discuss and supplement the topics of using BIM in construction management.
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