Simulation of Stress Paths Derived from FEM Analysis in Triaxial Tests
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Publication date: 2013-03-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2013;59(1):119-129
Reliable estimation of geotechnical parameters is often based on reconstruction of a complete loading process of subsoil on a specimen in laboratory tests. Unfortunately laboratory equipment available in many laboratories is sometimes limited to just a triaxial apparatus – the use of which generates diffi culties whenever a non-axisymmetric problem is analysed. The author suggests two simple operations that may be done to improve the quality of simulation in triaxial tests. The fi rst one is based on the use of triaxial extension along the segments of the stress path p’-q-θ for which the Lode’s angle values are positive. The second one consists in a mod-ifi cation of the equivalent stress value in such a way that the current stress level in the specimen complies with results of FEM analysis.
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