In the case analysed, a glass fibre mesh was applied under the asphalt layer during a rehabilitation treatment. Because only one lane was reinforced, the test section can be used to observe the influence of glass fibre mesh on the relationship between the selected deflection basin parameters (RoC, BLI, MLI, and LLI) and back-calculated pavement layer moduli. The FWD measures were used to determine the bowl of deflection indicators and to back-calculate the layer's moduli. The values of DBP-s allowed confirmation of the technical condition of pavement construction. The first measures were carried out in 2019 and repeated in 2021; the results were then compared and analysed. Influence was observed on the relationship between the deflection basin and moduli, especially for the base course and subgrade. The reinforced lane showed a better coefficient of determination between DBPs and moduli in 2019, but in 2021 relationships were observed only for LLI and subgrade moduli. The unreinforced lane, however, showed the mentioned relationships in both 2019 and 2021. Because of a relatively small number of measurement points, the presented analyses and observations should be considered as preliminary. Presented results and relationships are another step into developing an alternative approach to determining the initial pavement moduli i.e. to use as a seed moduli.
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