Preliminary optimization technique in the design of steel girders according to Eurocode 3
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Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, ul. Warszawska 24, 31-155 Kraków, Poland
Submission date: 2022-03-31
Final revision date: 2022-06-21
Acceptance date: 2022-06-21
Publication date: 2023-04-02
Archives of Civil Engineering 2023;1(1):71-89
The problem of optimal design of a steel plated girder according to the Eurocode 3 is considered. Code regulations admit the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in designing plated structures with variable cross-sections. A technique of determining an approximate solution to the optimization problem is presented. It is determined a solution of a control theory optimization task, in which Eurocode requirements regarding the Ultimate Limit State (bearing capacity, local and global stability) as well as Serviceability Limit State (flexural rigidity) are used as appropriate inequality constraints. Static analysis is performed within the framework of linear elasticity and Bernoulli-Euler beam theory making an account for second-order effects due to prescribed imperfections. Obtained solutions, after regularization, may be used for direct verification with the use of FEA or as the first guess for iterative topology optimization algorithms. Code requirements governing the determination of optimal shape are visualized in the constraint activity diagram, which is a proposed tool for analysis of optimization process.
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