Performance-based analysis of older-type large-space hall in fire
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Publication date: 2019-03-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2019;65(1):17-29
The paper presents the example of performance-based analysis for the existing large-space steel structure raised in 1980s. Hall is used as a paper products warehouse. Advanced mechanical simulations are performed using Safir software. Factors that impact the final fire resistance of the structure are discussed. Local and global imperfections and possible ways of structure modelling are taken into account. For selected cases advanced fire scenario that considers both localised fire and possibility of further ignition of stored goods is prepared using Fire Dynamics Simulation software. The results obtained indicate that added imperfections have little impact on the fire resistance of the structure and older-type steel hall roof without any fire protection could survive 30 minutes of fire. Main failure modes and values of structure's deflections are also presented. Finally, performed simulations show that even for large-space structure the flashover is possible in some special cases.
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