Numerical Analysis of Test Embarkment on Soft Ground Using Multi-Laminate Type Model with Destructuration
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Publication date: 2011-03-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2011;57(1):27-44
A multi-laminate constitutive model for soft soils incorporating structural anisotropy is presented. Stress induced anisotropy of strength, which is present in multi-laminate type constitutive models, is augmented by directionally distributed overconsolidation. The model is presented in theelastic-plastic version in order to simulate strength anisotropy of soft clayey soils and destructuration effects. Performance of the model is shown for some element tests and for the numericalsimulation of a trial road embankment constructed on soft clays at Haarajoki, Finland. The numerical calculations are completed with the commercial finite element code capable to performcoupled static/consolidation analysis of soils. Problems related to the initiation of in situ stress state, conditions of preconsolidation, as well as difficulties linked to estimation of the model parametersare discussed. Despite simple assumptions concerning field conditions and non-viscous formulationof the constitutive model, the obtained final results are of a sufficient accuracy for geotechnical practice.
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