Advanced Field Investigations of Screw Piles and Columns
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Publication date: 2011-03-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2011;57(1):45-57
Field investigations concerning screw piles and columns have been carried out for the “Bearing capacity and work in the soil of screw piles” research project, financed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education – project No N N506 369234. The tests of three instrumented screw piles were conducted together with CPTU tests and measurements of pile installation parameters (especially torque). The objectives of field investigations and the entire research project include discovering how screw piles work in the soil, locating and describing the correlations between CPTU results and rotation resistance during pile auger installation and next establishing correlations between CPTU results, rotation resistance and the bearing capacity of this kind of piles. The paper describes the investigation procedure and the basic results of tests carried out in the first of a series of sites.
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