Lean and agile management synergy in construction of high-rise office building
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Publication date: 2016-12-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2016;62(4 (II)):133-147
The aim of this article is to identify opportunities for using synergies obtained by incorporation of the two methods of management: Lean Management and Agile Management on the example of the process of column concreting. Despite the seemingly contradictory assumptions the two concepts complement each other in analysed example. The strategy is based on using the idea of "one piece flow" in accordance with the Lean Management which led to a reduction of costs due to increased turnover of formwork. At the same time the success of the project resulted in a significant dependence on the ability to provide a rapid response to changing conditions during in the maturation of concrete (depending on weather conditions, which can be expected on the basis of projections having different reliability). The simultaneous use of Lean and Agile Management allowed to achieve positive results for different scenarios of environment impact on the analysed process.
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