Strengths of Recycled Concrete Added with Steel Fiber
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Submission date: 2020-05-07
Final revision date: 2020-06-24
Acceptance date: 2020-06-25
Publication date: 2020-08-25
Archives of Civil Engineering 2020;66(3):693-703
The strength of recycled aggregate (RA) is low, which makes the performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) poor, and the addition of fiber can make up for the shortcoming of RAC. In this paper, the mechanical properties of RAC which was added with steel fiber were studied. The specimens with RA content of 0%, 40%, 70% 100% and steel fiber content of 0%, 0.5% and 1% were prepared, and their mechanical properties were tested. The results showed that the slump reduced 73.75% after the addition of 100% RA and 37.5% after the addition of 1% steel fiber compared to R0S0; from the perspective of mechanical properties, the larger the content of steel fiber, the better the mechanical properties of the specimen; the improvement of the tensile strength was the most obvious after the addition of steel fiber. The experimental results show that steel fiber can improve the performance of RAC and make it perform better in practical application.
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