Strength and durability characteristics of concretes with crushed side window glass as partial aggregate substitution
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Częstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, ul. Dąbrowskiego 69, 42-201 Częstochowa, Poland
University ofWarmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Faculty of Geoengineering, ul. Oczapowskiego 2,10-719 Olsztyn, Poland
Submission date: 2022-05-05
Final revision date: 2022-10-30
Acceptance date: 2022-11-08
Publication date: 2023-06-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2023;2(2):5-21
Taking into account the numerous previous attempts to use waste glass for concrete production, an approach was proposed based solely on car side window glass waste. Only side window waste emerging during the production of car side windows was used during the research program. In this way, all key properties of the waste glass were under control (purity, granulometric properties, etc.). Two types of concretes with crushed side window glass, playing the role of coarse aggregate, were created. Concretes were differentiated by the amount of added crushed side window glass, which replaced 10–50% of the natural aggregate. Created concretes were thoroughly tested in the state of both a fresh mix and hardened composite. Consistency and air content of fresh mixes were tested. Slump was ranging from 15 mm to 20 mm and air content was ranging from 2.5% to 3.1%. Hardened composites were used to test apparent density, compressive strength, water absorption, water-tightness and resistance to freeze–thaw cycles. It was proven that concrete with side window glass as partial aggregate substitution is characterized by satisfactory mechanical properties (compressive strength after 28 days of curing was ranging from 51.9 MPa to 54.7 MPa), enabling its application as ordinary structural concrete. Properties of both fresh concrete mixes and hardened concretes based on crushed side window glass are similar to a reference concrete. It was proved that it is possible to replace up to 50% of natural coarse aggregate by crushed side window glass. Possible applications of the concretes in question were proposed. Experience gained during the research program is likely to be useful for tests of using crushed side window glass sourced from decommissioned cars and trucks. Areas where future research is needed are indicated.
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