Peat consolidation - new approach
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Publication date: 2011-06-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2011;57(2):173-186
The problem of consolidation of soil has been widely investigated. The basic approach was given by Terzaghi who assumed soil of constant physical and mechanical parameters. In the case of peat consolidation, the permeability coefficient of soil and the elasticity modulus are functions of the settlement which is an important additional factor. The model proposed here assumes varying the elasticity and permeability coefficients. Moreover, the settlement is described by the so-called elementary curve which was approximated empirically based upon laboratory tests. The model allows to consider the case when the filtration in the peat body goes in horizontal direction. It happens so when the charging layer does not receive outgoing water from the pores. The model includes also the case when the load involving consolidation varies in time i.e. the charging layer grows up gradually. The model has been applied practically in several cases and it comes that there is a good agreement between calculated and measured settlement of the consolidated peat layer.
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