Influence of hybrid fibers on toughtness behavior of high flowing concrete
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Publication date: 2011-09-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2011;57(3):249-260
This study investigates the use of steel fibers and hybrid composite with a total fibers content of 2% on the high strength flowing concrete and determines the density, compressive strength, static modulus of elasticity, flexural strength and toughness indices for the mixes. The results show that the inclusion of more than 0.5% of palm fibers in hybrid fibers mixes reduces the compressive strength. The hybrid fibers can be considered as a promising concept and the replacement of a portion of steel fibers with palm fibers can significantly reduce the density, enhance the flexural strength and toughness. The results also indicates that the use of hybrid fibers (1.5 steel fibers + 0.5% palm fibers) in specimens increases significantly the toughness indices and thus the use of hybrid fibers combinations in reinforced concrete would enhance their flexural toughness & rigidity and enhance their overall performances.
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