The excavation of adjacent pits following the initial foundation pit excavation can significantly influence ground settlement. Using a foundation pit excavation project in Changzhou as a prototype, this study employed the numerical simulation method in conjunction with the HSS model to analyze the settlement deformation characteristics of the original excavation and compare them with the recorded monitoring values. In this study, the analysis focused on the ground settlement between two pits by varying the spacing between them at different excavation depths. The findings revealed that the ground settlement does not exhibit a significant increase when the new pit is excavated at a shallow depth. However, it rapidly increases when the excavation depth of the new pit surpasses that of the existing pit. Furthermore, an increase in the distance between the two pits causes the maximum settlement position to shift towards the edge of the new pit. The maximum ground settlement is found to have a linear relationship with both the maximum horizontal displacement of the two pits and the spacing between them.
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