Global safety factor for nonlinear design of concrete structures
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Publication date: 2011-06-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2011;57(3):331-339
The paper focuses on different approaches to the safety assessment of concrete structures designed using nonlinear analysis. The method based on the concept of partial factors recommended by Eurocodes, and methods proposed by M. Holicky, and by the author of this paper are presented, discussed and illustrated on a numerical example. Global safety analysis by M. Holicky needs estimation of the resistance coefficient of variation from the mean and characteristic values of resistance, and requires two separate nonlinear analyses. The reliability index value and the sensitivity factor for resistance should be also identified. In the method proposed in this paper, the resistance coefficient of variation necessary to calculate the characteristic value of resistance may be adopted from test results and the resultant partial factor for materials properties, and may be calculated according to Eurocodes. Thus, only one nonlinear analysis from mean values of reinforcing steel and concrete is required.
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