Finite Element Analysis of Plate on Layered Tensionless Foundation
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Publication date: 2010-06-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2010;56(3):255-274
The method of calculations of a thick plate on the two-parameter layered foundation by the finiteelement method is presented. The numerical model allows to add a few (number of) foundationlayers. The expressions for the element stiffness matrices of the foundation are based on 18-nodezero-thickness interface elements. For modelling of thick plates the 9-node Mindlin element of theLagrange family is used. The formulation of the problem takes into account the shear deformation ofthe plate and unilateral contact conditions between plate and foundation. The tensionless characterof the foundation is achieved by removing from the global stiffness matrix the appropriate partof foundation stiffness attached to the node being in the separation stage. The advantages of theproposed algorithm are illustrated by numerical examples.
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