Evaluation of Resistance of Corrugated Sheets Under Bending by a Concentrated Loads from the Local Suspensions
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Publication date: 2010-12-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2010;56(4):283-297
Th This paper presents a simple method of evaluating the load resistance and stiffness of corrugatedsheets locally loaded with suspended technical fixtures. As a part of this research, parametricnumerical analyses of corrugated sheets of different span, and with differently located concentratedforces, were carried out. Stress distributions in the individual folds in the elastic range and inthe ultimate limit state were identified. On their basis, equivalent concentrated load factors forthe individual folds in the sheet were determined. The load factors enable analyses of the loadresistance and stiffness of corrugated sheets loaded with concentrated forces, which can be helpfulin design practice.
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