Dependence of extraction and production of construction aggregates on selected indicators of economic development in Poland
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Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institue of Mechanised Construction & Rock Mining, Warszawa, Poland
Submission date: 2020-12-21
Final revision date: 2021-03-28
Acceptance date: 2021-03-30
Publication date: 2021-09-08
Archives of Civil Engineering 2021;67(3):437-453
The document presents current methods of forecasting aggregate production, mainly depending on the size and dynamics of changes in GDP. With a view to developing more accurate forecasts, this article presents the dependence of extraction and consumption of mineral aggregates used in construction on two indicators: the general business climate indicator in the construction industry and the cement consumption volume. The results obtained from regression and correlation analysis turned out more favourable for the dependence of aggregates production on cement consumption. This particularly applies to the dependence of sand and gravel aggregate production and total natural aggregate production on cement consumption. Good dependence has also been confirmed for other European countries as well as for the USA. For Poland, the indicator of sand and gravel aggregates production for cement production in recent years was between 9.5 and 12 Mg/Mg. The values of this indicator vary from country to country, mainly depending on the share of different types of aggregates in total production of aggregates in construction industry. Although the indicator values vary considerably, its advantage is that cement production is identified and included in the industrial production balance sheets of most countries, which is not the case when it comes to the identification or accurate record for the production of construction aggregates. The adoption of this indicator makes it possible to monitor the extraction of natural construction aggregates for individual countries and regions more accurately, as called for – among other things – by UN resolutions.
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