Analysis of influence of vibrations on humans in buildings in standards approach
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Publication date: 2012-06-30
Archives of Civil Engineering 2012;58(2):223-239
People living in buildings may be exposed to dynamic actions. In the diagnosis and design of buildings there is an increasing need of taking into account these activities and verification of compliance of the building requirements for vibration comfort of people residing in buildings. This study presents the results of analysis of such criteria in the following standards: Polish PN-88/B-02171 [1], British BS 6472-1 [2], German DIN 4150 [3], and ISO international standards [4,5]. Basing on the results of this analysis and on the review of selected items of literature, the application of standards recommendations in diagnosis and design of buildings, as well as areas for further research on this subject is indicated. This article is an extended version of the conference paper [6] presented on the conference Urban Transport 2011.
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