An investigation of the mechanical properties of sintered fly ash lightweight aggregate concrete (SFLWAC) with steel fibers
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Publication date: 2018-03-31
Archives of Civil Engineering 2018;64(1):73-85
This study investigates the fresh and mechanical performance of concrete incorporating sintered fly ash lightweight aggregates (SFLWA) both with and without steel fibers. Comparative assessments of natural aggregates with sintered fly ash aggregates were evaluated. Mix design was obtained by the IS method for M30 grade concrete, and within the natural aggregates were replaced with 20%, 40%, and 60% amounts of SFLWA. The addition of SFLWA shows an increase in the workability of the concrete. Replacement with SFLWA increases with an increase in slump value, and decreases in strength parameters. Compressive strength of 42.6 MPa was achieved with a 40% replacement of SFLWA with steel fibers. The mechanical properties such as compressive strength, split tensile strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, and structural efficiency of SFLWAC were examined, both with and without fibers. The incorporation of fibers drastically improved the mechanical properties of the mix.
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