Volume 69 (2023)

Volume 69 – Issue 4

  1. Laboratory tests of solid and hollow concrete beams made with glass waste
  2. Research by design: architectural and structural solutions allowing the integration of the skyscraper complex with the urban space in Warsaw
  3. Effect of icing as a non-structural mass on the variation of natural frequency of a lightweight lattice structure
  4. Implicit neural state functions in hybrid reliability analysis of plane frame
  5. Characteristic of small-strain stiffness of fine-grained soils based on advanced laboratory tests
  6. Proactive-reactive repetitive project scheduling method – the concept of risk consideration at the project planning and execution stage
  7. Expert studies on the impact of risk on the life cycle costs of buildings
  8. Robust and reliability-based design optimization of steel beams
  9. Influence of soil anisotropic stiffness on the deformation induced by an open pit excavation
  10. FEM modelling of screw displacement pile interaction with subsoil
  11. Slope stability analysis of post-mining dumps with the use of photogrammetric geometry measurements – a case study
  12. Permeability of sandy soils estimated from particle size distribution and field measurements
  13. Proposal of concept for global analysis of hybrid beams – numerical investigation
  14. Analysis of the effects of using various backfill materials in the buried pipelines construction
  15. Laboratory tests of pull-off strength of chosen USPs attached to concrete sleepers
  16. Behaviour of soil-steel composite structures during construction and service: a review
  17. Landslide triggered by small excavation – numerical simulations
  18. Influence of water soaking on the ultimate tensile strength of polyester-based coated woven fabrics
  19. Experimental study of a new type of high-strength monolithic square-section concrete columns with spiral stirrups
  20. Applying different soil stabilization mechanisms: a review
  21. Experimental investigations of steel cold-formed moment-resisting bolted lap joints under monotonic and cyclic loading
  22. Research on the dynamics of lightweight shell and spatial structures with the aid of computational fluid dynamics and a shaking table
  23. The housing market in Poland during the Covid-19 pandemic
  24. Research on cost prediction for construction project based on Boruta-SO-BP model
  25. Modeling the vibratory roller compaction process of road soils
  26. Investigation on cracking performance of UHPC overlaid concrete deck at hogging moment zone of steel-concrete composite girders
  27. Nonlinear static analysis of truss core sandwich beams in three-point bending test
  28. Validity and reliability testing of the questionnaire used to finalize criteria for the evaluation of the contractor’s performance
  29. Influence of anchoring and bracing system on dynamic characteristics of façade scaffolding
  30. Shape identification of the jet-grouted column based on the thermal analysis and differential evolution
  31. Study on the dynamic development law of fissure in expansive soil under different soil thickness
  32. Study on temperature characteristics of multi-tower cable-stayed bridge
  33. Deformation failure analysis and identification method of zoning type of actual tunnel surrounding rock
  34. Selection of technological and organizational solutions for construction works with the use of a fuzzy relation of preferences
  35. Project cost and time key factors distressing building construction projects of Sindh Pakistan: a post-pandemic approach
  36. Cracking risk of high-performance cement composites due to restrained autogenous shrinkage with and without soaked lightweight aggregate
  37. Rapid evaluation method of subgrade performance using Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer
  38. Seismic performance evaluation of a base-isolated steel liquid storage tank with limiting-devices considering soil-structure interaction
  39. Investigation of thermal and air efficiency in trombe wall of modular building
  40. Prediction of concrete life under coupled dry and wet-sulfate erosion based on damage evolution equation