Volume 69 (2023)

Volume 69 – Issue 3

  1. Durability, carbon footprint and contaminant immobilization in self-hardening slurries applied to cut-off walls: a review
  2. Implementation of digital twin and support vector machine in structural health monitoring of bridges
  3. Comparative analysis of natural nanosilica versus commercial nanosilica on compressive strength and durability of high-performance concrete
  4. Influence of the mesh structure of geodesic domes on their seismic response in applied directions
  5. Effective control measures to minimize cost overrun during construction phase of high-rise residential building projects in Chongqing, China
  6. Stiffness modulus prediction against basic physical and mechanical characteristics of recycled base course with foamed bitumen and emulsified bitumen
  7. Essential georisk factors in the assessment of the influence of underground structures on neighboring facilities
  8. Mapping of impervious surfaces with the use of remote sensing imagery: Support Vector Machines classification and GIS-based approach
  9. The effect of air-entraining agent on the properties of mortars
  10. The BIM 5D model of the bridge built using the incremental launching method
  11. Dynamic performance of bridge piers impacted by heavy trucks
  12. On the resistance of concrete hollow thin-walled high piers to rock collisions
  13. Earthquake protection of reinforced concrete structures with infill walls using PUFJ and FRPU systems
  14. Characteristic velocity of strong wind for wind engineering purposes
  15. Cracking control technique for continuous steel-concrete composite girders under negative bending moment
  16. Influence of soft layer thickness on the aggregate displacement in the backfill material of dynamic replacement columns – results of laboratory model tests
  17. Effect of nanosilica stabilisation on the bearing capacity under undrained conditions
  18. The landslide in the slope and side of the Warta River valley in the village of Wronki – process analysis, exploratory research, preventive measures, monitoring
  19. Strength analysis of eccentrically loaded thin-walled steel lipped C-profile columns
  20. Experimental study on the dynamic tensile mechanical properties of marble under water and oil conditions
  21. Amendment of the construction law and obtaining a permit to build a house
  22. The use of natural fibers in stone mastic asphalt mixtures: a review of the literature
  23. Laboratory testing as a base for numerical modelling of the high-strength hexagonal wire mesh
  24. Decision-making model using the Analytical Hierarchy Process for the selection of the type of concrete and the method of its maintenance in dry, hot climate conditions
  25. Problems and challenges of the built environment and the potential of prefabricated architecture
  26. Finite element model updating of steel-concrete composite bridge: A study case of the Ruri bridge in Vietnam
  27. Application of exponential smoothing method to forecasting daily water consumption in rural areas
  28. Research by design: functional flexibility of a residential skyscraper located inWarsaw
  29. Identification of constraints for an effective application of construction waste management plan in Poland
  30. Flexural performance of hybrid fiber reinforced cement-based materials incorporating ceramic wastes
  31. The use of genetic expression programming to optimize the parameters of the Muskingum method comparison with numerical methods, Euphrates river a case study
  32. The use of a laser diffractometer to analyse the particle size distribution of selected organic soils
  33. A study on the deflection and crack layout in a hollow slab bridge
  34. Forecasting the course of construction project management in conditions of uncertainty
  35. Modeling the effect of electric vehicles on noise levels in the vicinity of rural road sections
  36. Mechanical properties of CFST short columns with different void ratios
  37. Assessment of the impact of the number of girders on the dynamic behaviour of Geiger dome
  38. Buckling resistance of metal columns with smoothly variable cross sections
  39. Influence of the support conditions on dynamic response of tensegrity grids built with Quartex modules
  40. Analysis of the seismic performances of structures reinforced by self-centering buckling-restrained braces