Volume 69 (2023)

Volume 69 – Issue 1

  1. Delay factors in the construction of irrigation and hydropower projects in Vietnam
  2. Bridge headwater afflux estimation using bootstrap resampling method
  3. Influence of the tie reinforcement on the development of a collapse caused by the failure of an edge column in RC flat slab system
  4. Application of the Critical Shear Crack Theory for calculation of the punching shear capacity of lightweight aggregate concrete slabs
  5. Preliminary optimization technique in the design of steel girders according to Eurocode 3
  6. Influence of cyclic frozen and defrost on mechanical properties of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-coated woven fabrics
  7. Application of steel slag in stabilizations of expansive soil: an experimental study
  8. Carbonation of concrete cover of reinforcement as a cause of loss of durability of structures
  9. The application of the immanent tensegrity properties to control the behavior of double-layered grids
  10. Comparative analysis of dynamic load models generated by runners on footbridges
  11. Determinants of substitution in the environmental aspect of sustainable construction
  12. Key determinants of autonomous building development
  13. Application of a new theory of restraint factor after cracking of reinforced concrete members
  14. Experimental study on biaxial dynamical compressive test and PFC2D numerical simulation of artificial rock sample with single joint
  15. A new ANN rheological model of a comply polymer in temperature spectrum
  16. Monte Carlo simulations of the fracture resistance degradation of asphalt concrete subjected to environmental factors
  17. Analysis of deflections of reinforced concrete slab in the rectified water-storage tank
  18. Calculation of second-order effects in columns – applications and examples
  19. Seismic performance of horizontal swivel system of asymmetric continuous girder bridge
  20. Assessment of the effectiveness of communication between the participants of a construction project utilizing meta-network theory: a case study
  21. Optimization of innovative design solutions in geotechnical engineering
  22. Assessment of factors influencing on the success of public-private partnerships infrastructure projects in Vietnam
  23. Bearing capacity and seismic performance of Y-shaped reinforced concrete bridge piers in a freeze-thaw environment
  24. Review of selected aspects of shaping of physical, mechanical and thermal properties and manufacturing technology of lightweight and ultra-lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete
  25. Mechanical characteristics of twin tunnel underneath construction on existing high-speed railway tunnel
  26. Reinforcement layout design of three-dimensional members under a state of complex stress
  27. Experiment of the monitoring prestress loss of prestressed concrete beams with damages under static loading
  28. From legend to discovery – historical and geotechnical conditions related to the discovery of tunnels under The Castle Hill in Szczecin
  29. Site suitability analysis for construction of an airport in the middle Euphrates – Iraq, using a GIS-based AHP technique
  30. Nonlinear analysis for proposing limit state criteria of reinforced concrete road bridge superstructures
  31. Refined energy method for the elastic flexural-torsional buckling of steel H-section beam-columns Part I: Formulation and solution
  32. Use of DMT and CPTU tests in the evaluation of shear modulus G 0 for soils of different origin
  33. An early warning method for a slope based on the increment ratio of anchor cable internal force
  34. Study on shear performance of cold-formed thin-walled steel-paper straw board composite wall with openings
  35. Effect of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose on rheological properties of cement-limestone paste
  36. Planning of construction projects taking into account the design risk
  37. The concept of surveying set for geometrical dimensioning of difficultly accessible objects
  38. Determination of the extent of damage and calculation of the indemnity in case of natural disaster – tornado in South Moravia
  39. Study of temperature field in large-span steel structure under radiation-thermal-fluid coupling
  40. Modeling labor productivity in high-rise building construction projects using neural networks