Volume 68 (2022)

Volume 68 – Issue 4

  1. Hyperoperability – main challenge for the future guided transport systems based on hyperloop concept
  2. The possible impact of employee absenteeism risk on a construction project
  3. Experimental study on shear mechanical properties of cement mortar specimen with through-step joints under direct shear
  4. Single Bore Multiple Anchors – conclusions based on anchor tests
  5. Effect of the mix composition with superplasticizer admixture on mechanical properties of high–strength concrete based on reactive powders
  6. Information and decision modelling in civil engineering
  7. Optimum railway transition curves for different circular arc radii
  8. Influence of the method of numerical modelling of the connections of the roof truss and vaults with the walls of historic masonry structures on local stress distribution
  9. Some remarks on the pore water pressure dissipation patterns from the one-dimensional consolidation test
  10. The influence of biomaterial in the binder composition on the quality of reclaim from furan no-bake sands
  11. Multi-scale modelling of brick masonry using a numerical homogenisation technique and an artificial neural network
  12. A comparison of elasto-plastic parameters of S355 steel obtained in tensile tests using an extensometer, a strain gauge and an ARAMIS 3D DIC system
  13. Fire resistance evaluation for a steel hall transverse frame depending on the simplification degree of the computational model applied
  14. Laboratory tests and numerical analysis of façade sub-structure made of austenitic steel
  15. Aluminium members in composite structures – a review
  16. Net section resistance of steel angles connected by one leg
  17. Analysis of steel frame under selected accidental situation
  18. Integration of data obtained from laser scanning and UAV used to develop a 3D model of the building object
  19. Practical aspects of field work carried out by Electrical Resistivity Tomography
  20. Calculation model and analysis for lay-by spacing in highway tunnel
  21. Verification of punching shear outside the shear cap by the direct method
  22. Experimental study on fatigue mechanical properties of sandstone after dry and wet cycle
  23. Experimental investigation of sandwich panels supported by thin-walled beams under various load arrangements and number of connectors
  24. Building condition ratings using infrared thermography: a preliminary study
  25. Management of rainwater as a barrier for the development of the City of Warsaw
  26. Effects of full displacement pile installation on the stress and deformation state of surrounding soil: review
  27. Study on mechanical properties of notched steel wire under tension and bending
  28. The importance of criteria used in performance measurement systems in Czech construction companies
  29. Optimization of heavy haul railway tunnel lining based on ultimate bearing capacity
  30. Post buckling resistance reserve of corrugated girders with support stiffeners
  31. Correlation analysis and prevention of electrocution risk factors in the construction industry
  32. Using PLS-SEM to analyze the criteria for the optimum cost of green MICE projects in Indonesia based on value engineering and lifecycle cost analysis
  33. Damage mechanism of conventional joints and proposal of a novel joint for hollow-core slab bridges
  34. Optimal reshaping and stress controlling of double-layer spherical structures under vertical loadings
  35. Laser-inclinometric method for displacement measurements in structural health monitoring
  36. Modelling the impact of electronic auction on the tender procedure for the construction of railway infrastructure with the Bayesian networks
  37. Evaluation of bearing capacity of multi-span spandrel-braced stone arch bridge based on static load test
  38. Damage identification of bridge structure model based on empirical mode decomposition algorithm and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average procedure
  39. Estimate final cost of roads using support vector machine
  40. Research on sand resistance performance of comprehensive protection facilities for desert hinterland highways under strong wind environment