Volume 68 (2022)

Volume 68 – Issue 3

  1. Backcalculation of flexible pavement moduli including interlayer bonding conditions – numerical analysis
  2. Buckling of bipolarly prestressed closely-spaced built-up member
  3. A nonlinear statistical empirical model for transversely isotropic rocks under uniaxial compression condition
  4. Application of non-contact geodetic measurement techniques in dam monitoring
  5. Geophysical investigation and the use of their results in the evaluation of the stability of slopes of artificial water reservoirs in the flysch Carpathians
  6. Crumb rubber geopolymer mortar at elevated temperature exposure
  7. Construction of the passenger rail traffic generation model
  8. Bond between steel and SCC in completely concrete encased HEA 160 I-section columns
  9. Analysis of lighting on exterior scaffoldings at different times of day
  10. Assessment of long-term performance of foam glass as an insulating sub-base in varying humidity and temperature conditions
  11. Nonlinear analysis of a hoist tower for seismic loads
  12. Analysis of the selection of materials for road construction taking into account the carbon footprint and construction costs
  13. Anti-overturning safety performance investigation for single column pier bridge
  14. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental comparison the selected construction methods of residential buildings in traditional and straw cubes technology – a case study
  15. Compression behaviour of BFRP bars
  16. How do contractors select material suppliers for construction projects? Evidence from Vietnam
  17. Numerical determination of load of a model tunnel lining, taking into account different heights of soil backfill
  18. Modeling the problem of sequencing projects in the contractor's portfolio of orders
  19. Effect of bolt configurations on stiffness for steel-wood-steel connection loaded parallel to grain for softwoods in Malaysia
  20. Study of behavior of locally available bamboo as a sustainable reinforcement for concrete structures
  21. Computer modelling of point supported laminated glass panes
  22. Overall buckling performance of high strength steel welded I-sections under combined axial compression and bending
  23. Study on some of the strength properties of soft clay stabilized with plastic waste strips
  24. Travel data collection using a smart phone for the estimation of multimodal travel times of intra-city public transportation
  25. Influence of micro synthetic fibers confinement on properties of lightweight foamed concrete
  26. Selected aspects of data harmonization from terrestrial laser scanning
  27. Analysis of the cracking mechanisms in pre-cracked sandstone under radial compression by moment tensor analysis of acoustic emissions
  28. Experimental investigation on mode II fracture performance of old-new concrete
  29. 3D modelling with the use of photogrammetric methods
  30. Study on stability of self-compacting concrete applied for filling layer structure from paste, mortar and concrete
  31. Conceptual design of reinforced concrete structures using truss-like topology optimization
  32. Drying shrinkage and creep properties of self-compacting concrete with expansive agent and viscosity modified admixture
  33. Enhancement of mechanical properties of concrete using microwave cured bamboo composites
  34. Nonlinear modelling of a bridge: A case study-based damage evaluation and proposal of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) system
  35. Rheological properties of paste for self-compacting concrete with admixtures
  36. Stability monitoring method of UHPC spherical hinge horizontal rotation system
  37. The initial prototype BIM system for the optimization of integrated construction processes
  38. A novel method for identification of damage location in frame structures using a modal parameters-based indicator
  39. Mechanical characteristics of ultra-shallow buried high-speed railway tunnel in broken surrounding rock during construction
  40. Centrifuge model test of parallel shield underneath high-speed railway tunnel