Volume 68 (2022)

Volume 68 – Issue 2

The management of bridge structures – challenges and possibilities

The stiffness of steel-wood-steel connection loaded parallel to the grain

The effect of particle size on the mechanical properties of Alkali Activated Steel Slag Mortar

Ground improvement and rebuild of a district roadin complex geotechnical-engineering conditions – case study

Elastic lateral-torsional buckling of steel bisymmetric double-tee section beams

Fire resistance of FRP strengthening concrete beams at elevated temperature using ABAQUS

Application of the generalized nonlinear constitutive law in numerical analysis of hollow-core slabs

Introduction to structural design of glass according to current European standards

Load-bearing capacity analyses of a new insulated fastener type

Shear recovery of patched reinforced concrete beams with web reinforcements

Corrosion monitoring as a factor increasing the safety of hydrotechnical infrastructure

A study on RCFST column instability modes

Construction of dams using the hydraulic fill method, discussion of the methodology of the Tailings Storage Facility Zelazny Most

Analysis of traffic load effects in railway backfilled arch bridges

Effectiveness of preventive structural protection against mining impacts and Maintenance Management on technical state of masonry buildings

Comparing the risk management standpoint between the project participants for the urban road transport projects in Hanoi

The Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) stability monitoring system using advanced big data analytics on the example of the Zelazny Most Facility

Study on performance of concrete containing different content of steel slag stone in wall brick structure

Probabilistic assessment of the seismic vulnerability of a rammed earth construction: a case study

The effect of shrinkage reducing admixture and expansive admixture on properties of mortars with Portland and slag cement

Prefabrication in Władysław Pienkowski’s work as an example of the author’s signature approach to architectural design

Evaluation of the influence of selected factors on hazardous events in construction

The effects of Nano SiO 2 and Silica Fume on the properties of concrete

Laboratory tests and numerical analysis of aluminum helping hand brackets with polyamide thermal break

Association analysis of human error causes of electric shock construction accidents in China

Fibre optic system based on FBG sensors for the monitoring of modern structures

Assessment of the application of CEM III with exposed aggregate as an alternative to CEM I for road pavements

Study on the subgrade service depth of moving vehicles under multi-wheeled superposition effect

Randomized Earned Value Method for the rolling assessment of construction projects advancement

Utilization of Geographic Information System (GIS) for urban management of RachGia City, Vietnam

Analysis of static performance of cable-stayed arch cooperative bridge without back cable

Factors affecting time and cost trade-off in multiple construction projects

Research corrosion propagation time of reinforced concrete structures considering load influence

Investigation of the physical and mechanical properties and durability of pervious concrete: a review

Shear force distribution law of inclined webs box girder under live load

Fire resistance testing of aluminum-glass partitions

Compressive strength and durability of foamed concrete incorporating Processed Spent Bleaching Earth

An efficient iteration procedure for form finding of slack cables under concentrated forces

Numerical analysis on axial capacity of steel built-up battened columns

Use of Tensile Creep Test (TCT) for evaluation of low temperature performance of bituminous mixtures used for bridge pavement