Volume 67 – Issue 4

Cable-stayed bridges. Basic static schemes

Experimental investigation of using recycled glass waste as fine aggregate replacement in concrete

Risk assessment for tram traffic on tramway bridges

An investigation of the potential of dematerialization to reduce the life cycle embodied energy of buildings

Dynamic splitting tensile performance of new and old concrete after high temperature treatment

3D Finite element model of a blast load in a tunnel

Risk of interstitial condensation in outer walls made of hemp-lime composite in Polish climatic conditions

Influence of random character of reinforcement cover in bending elements

Extended Force Density Method for cable nets under self-weight. Part I – Theory and verification

The use of granite dust as an effective filler of concrete mixtures

Guidelines for FEM modelling of wood-CFRP beams using ABAQUS

Fire reliability of system aluminum-glass partitions

Influence of addition of shredded rubber waste on deformability of binder-bound anthropogenic material mixtures

Study on the prevalence of mobile phone use by car drivers – the case of Poland

Planning the time and cost of implementing construction projects using an example of residential buildings

Fine optimization of rigid frame bridge parameters based on the genetic algorithm

Case study of water vapour transmission properties of EPDM façade membranes

Proactive scheduling of repetitive construction processes to reduce crews idle times and delays

Thermal and acoustic behavior of energy saving wall panel

Strengthening of RC slabs against punching shear in theory and practice

Influence of environmental factors on physical and mechanical characteristics of the opoka-rocks

Parameters used for prediction of settlement trough due to TBM tunnelling

Static and dynamic test analysis of a 12-years old 14 000-ton cable-stayed bridge used swivel construction technology

Influence of sand substitution with waste lime powder on the concrete carbonation

Behavior of flexible pavement on swelling subgrade soil reinforced with geogrid

Assessment of stresses in reinforcement in the area of joints in composite steel-concrete slabs

Evaluating the convenience and safety effects of bicycle lanes in Gdansk

Risk analysis in the environmental impact assessment of building construction innovations

Generating 3D point-cloud based on combining adjacent multi-station scanning data in 2D laser scanning: A case study of Hokuyo UTM 30lxk

Optimal design of archgrids: the second-order cone programming perspective

Value increase of jetty project based on system dynamics

Value engineering and lifecycle cost analysis to improve cost performance in green hospital project

Flexible design of Park-and-Ride facility in the city center proximity

Modelling of the spatial structure of longwall buildings with large-scale quasi finite elements and applying the method in the interaction issues with subsoil – with regard to their implementation in stages

Experimental identification of dynamic characteristics of a track structure influencing the level of noise emission

Strengthening of the soft soil loaded with heavy construction traffic based on dilatometer tests

The use of multi-criteria assessment to select a general contractor for a development investment

Analyzing rear-end crash severity for a mountainous expressway in China via a classification and regression tree with random forest approach

The influence of highly modified asphalt binder on pavement fatigue life prediction – selected problems

Fatigue safety verification of riveted steel railway bridges using probabilistic method and standard S–N curves

Algorithmically aided management of structure modularity at the design and execution stage