Volume 67 (2021)

Volume 67 – Issue 3

FRP bridges in Poland: state of practice

Analysis of climate change and its potential influence on energy performance of building and indoor temperatures, part 1: Climate change scenarios

Numerical simulations of horizontal bearing performances of step-tapered piles

An application of reinforced concrete vaulted slabs and rafts in deep excavation works

Influence of soil backfill parameters on culvert load capacity with accordance to Eurocodes and Sundquist-Pettersson calculating method

Assessment of large-panel prefabricated buildings in the social aspect of sustainable construction

Effect of reclaimed asphalt shingles addition on asphalt concrete dynamic modulus master curves

Pre-design cost modeling of facade systems using the GAM method

Load bearing capacity of laminated veneer lumber beams strengthened with CFRP strips

Application of the generalized nonlinear constitutive law in 2D shear flexible beam structures

Wind tunnel model tests of wind action on the chimney with grid-type curtain structure

Identifying factors and conditions contributing to cyclists’ serious accidents with the use of association analysis

Waste tyre bales in road engineering: an overview of applications

Notes on the tests and vibration properties of hospital elevated helipad structures

Numerical analysis of the influence of mining ground deformation on the structure of a masonry residential building

Evaluation of the unit weight of organic soils from a CPTM using an Artificial Neural Networks

Analysis of steel industrial portal frame building subjected to loads resulting from land surface uplift following the closure of underground mines

Thermal and mechanical properties of lightweight concrete with waste copper slag as fine aggregate

Laboratory tests of resistance to severe environmental conditions of prototypical under sleeper pads applied in the ballasted track structures

The influence of electronic detonators on the quality of the tunnel excavation

Experimental and numerical investigations of laminated veneer lumber panels

Use of the EVM method for analysis of extending the construction project duration as a result of realization disturbances - case study

Application of ultrasonic pulse velocity test to concrete assessment in structures after fire

Experimental investigation into material characteristics of pea gravel

Dependence of extraction and production of construction aggregates on selected indicators of economic development in Poland

An analysis of acoustic climate of an area situated near the expressway, which is a part of international route north- south running through central Europe

Engineering forecasting of the local scour around the circular bridge pier on the basis of experiments

Influence of the seasons on construction site accidents

Investment challenges pertaining to the achievement of the goals of the Mobility Policy based on the analysis of the results of traffic surveys in Wroclaw

Tensile validation tests with failure criteria comparison for various GFRP laminates

The assessment of the social performance of residential buildings

Determination of force in single cable plane prestressed concrete polygonal line tower cable-stayed bridge based on minimum bending energy

Influence of vertical ground motion on seismic responses of triple friction pendulum interlayer isolation structures

Experimental study of the effect of rock blasting with various cutting forms for tunnel excavation using physical model tests

Analysis of the structural response of Beirut port concrete silos under blast loading

Perforation analysis of S235 steel sheets up to 573 K using experimental and numerical methods

Experimental investigation of chopped steel wool fiber at various ratio reinforced cementitious composite panels

Type II dilemma zone at high-speed signalized intersections in Poland

Correct concrete load-bearing capacity and time limitations for the automatic implementation of monolithic reinforced ceilings

Identification and prioritization of factors influencing the increase in construction costs of building investments using factor analysis