Volume 67 (2021)

Volume 67 – Issue 2

In memory of the late Professor Nicholas Snowden Trahair

Experimental and computational approaches to the evaluation of double corrugated arch structures. A review of the latest advancements

Use of granulated lead-zinc slag as replacement of fine aggregate in structural concrete: compressive strength and radiation shielding study

Life cycle assessment of composite straw bale technology in residential buildings in the context of environmental, economical and energy perspectives – case study

Impact of operating conditions on the strength and frequency of destruction of fibre-cement composites

Load capacity of steel-aluminium brackets under static and cyclic laboratory tests

On analysis of double-impact test of 1500-kg vehicle into w-beam guardrail system

Safety at railway level crossings and Vision Zero

Multi-faced assessment of structural safety

Numerical modelling of gabion retaining wall under loading and unloading

Variability of statistical parameters of resistance for reinforced concrete columns with circular cross-section

Liquid consistency of organic soils under the bridge construction

Decision making in choosing a network organizational structure in integrated construction projects

Concept of using the BIM technology to support the defect management process

Application of comprehensive reinforcement technology in high-rise building

Effect of filler type on non-linear viscoelastic characteristics of asphalt mastic

Hyperloop vehicles spacing control challenges and possible solutions

Multi-stage analysis of reliability of an example masonry construction

Analysis of the behaviour of the high and steep slope of a road made through waste under the influence of rainfall

Impact of decision model structure on the selection of a telecommunications tower footing reinforcement alternativehttps://ace.il.pw.edu.pl/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/17.ACE-00179_B5.pdf

Shear strength testing of basalt-, hybrid-, and nano-hybrid fibre-reinforced polymer bars

Nonlinear double-beam system dynamics

Vibrations of bars including transverse shear deformations and warping due to torsion

Freezing of fully and partly saturated cement paste

Analysis of direct rework costs in Ukrainian construction

Integrated analysis of costs and amount of greenhouse gases emissions during the building lifecycle

Properties of mortars with Calcium Sulfoaluminate cements with the addition of Portland cement and limestone

Supporting the technical management of residential buildings in the process of their exploitation

Planning and monitoring communication between construction project participants

Impact of acid aggressiveness on the filtration resistance of hardening slurries with an addition of fluidized-bed fly-ash

Investigation of the settlement prediction in soft soil by Richards Model: based on a linear least squares-iteration method

Investigating freeze-proof durability of air-entrained C30 recycled coarse aggregate concrete

Improvement of a subgrade soil by using EarthZyme and cement kiln dust waste

Experimental and theoretical research on large-diameter rock-socketed pile embedded depth

PMBoK vs. PRINCE2 in the context of Polish construction projects: Structural Equation Modelling approach

Research on reinforcement technology of existing double-way curved arch bridge

Study on sling replacement of concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge

Decision support for the intermodal terminal layout designing

Numerical and theoretical research on spatial shear lag effect of self-anchored suspension bridge steel box girder

Application of projection pursuit regression model for blasting vibration velocity peak prediction

Subsidence trough asymmetry calculations in twin tube TBM tunnelling