Volume 67 (2021)

Volume 67 – Issue 1

Book Review: Bill Addis (ed.) Physical Models: Their historical and current use in civil and building engineering design, Ernst & Sohn, Berlin 2021-01-14

Dynamic Response of the Stuttgart TV Tower Measured by Classical Instruments and GPS Technology

Relocation of a Historic Building at the Old Norblin Factory in Warsaw

Contact Interaction between Corrugated Steel Shell and the Soil Backfill Determined based on the Measurements of Shell Deformations

An Influence of a Generated Track Intentional Irregularity on a Static Work of a Railway Track

The Effect of Limit Values of Siliceous Fly Ash Content on the Durability of Concrete Structures in Rela tion to Exposure Classes

The View of Construction Companies’ Managers on the Impact of Economic, Environmental and Legal Policies on Investment Process Management

Analytical Models Tracing Deformation of Wood-Framed Walls During Vertical Transport

Pseudo-Static Test of Steel-Glulam Composite Beam-to-Column Exterior Joints

Anisotropy of Soil Shear Strength Parameters Caused by the Principal Stress Rotation

Advantages of Using 3D Scanning in the Survey of Architectural Monuments on example of Archeological Sites in Egypt and Russia

Effect of the Ground Granulated Blast Furnaceslag on the Pore Structure of Concrete

Possibility of Big Data Application for OD-matrix Callibration in Transport Demand Models

Censored Random Variable as a Form of Coping with Missing Data in Studying the Leachability of Heavy Metals from Hardening Slurries

Behaviour of Hot-Rolled Purlins Connected with Sandwich Panels

Numerical Study of Block Tearing Failure in Steel Angles Connected by One Leg

Hybrid Predictions of the Homogenous Properties’ Market Value with the Use of Ann

Time-to-Failure Forecast for Corroded Shell of Above-Ground Steel Tank Used to Store Liquid Fuels

Buckling Resistance of Quasi-Straight H-Section Beam-Columns under Unequal End Moments

Analysis of Temperature-Field and Stressfield of Steel Plate Concrete Composite Shear Wall in Early Stage of Construction

Subsoil Movements Forecasting Using 3D Numerical Modeling

Research on Launching Technology of Shield Tunnel in Ho Chi Minh Metro Line 1

Stability and Vibrations of Micrononhomogeneous Plate Band Resting on Elastic Subsoil

Effect of Shear Reinforcement Ratio on The Shear Capacity of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams

Safety Evaluation of Turbo Roundabout Considering Autonomous Vehicles Operation

Guidelines for the Use of Non-Standard Road Signs – Polish Experiences

Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Behavior of Silty Sand

Recycling Waste Rubber Tyres in Road Construction

Structuration Investigation of Fast - Setting Self Leveling Underlayment Based on Ettringite Binder

The Use of Sand Columns in the Reinforcement of Weak Layers in Road Engineering

On the Columns Buckling Length of Unbraced Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Joints

Evaluation of the Possibility of Reduction of Highly Modified Binders Technological Temperatures

Secondary Treated Wastewater as a Concrete Component and its Impact on the Basic Strength Properties of the Material

Technical and Cost Comparison of Selected Technologies for Energetic Conversions of Renewable Energy Sources

Analysis of Positive Elevation Effect and Prediction of Vibration Velocity of Bench Blasting Vibration

Application and Comparison of Different Methods for Traffic Conflict Analysis – Case Study on 2+1 Roads

Elastic Flexural-Torsional Buckling of Steel I-Section Members Unrestrained Between End Supports

Shear Stresses of Hollow Lightweight Concrete Beams Made with Wood Waste

Deflections of Steel Plate-Concrete Composite Beams in the Light of Experimental Studies

Agile/Flexible and Lean Management in Ready-Mix Concrete Delivery

Multi-Criteria Assessment of Lean Management Tools Selection in Construction