Volume 66 (2020)

Volume 66 – Issue 4

90th Birthday Anniversary of Professor Andrzej M.Brandt

The Recently Built Polish Large Arch Bridges – a Review of Construction Technology

Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Planning Track Superstructure Repairs

Investigating the Factor of Safety for the Design of Columns Using Properties of Steel Rebar’s Manufactured in Pakistan

Impact of Nonlinear Standing Waves Underneath a Deck

The Effect of Barrier on the Hydraulic Response of Composite Weir-Gate Structure

Full-Scale Fire Resistance Testing of Concrete Beams Reinforced with Various FRPR einforcement

Interfacial Transition Zone in Reactive Powder Concretes (RPC) Cured under Various Hydrothermal Conditions

Analysis of the Thermal Properties and Structure of Gypsum Modified with Cellulose Based Polymer and Aerogels

Influence of Different Types of Nanosilica on Compressive Strength Development of Cement Matrix Composites

Proposed Classification for all Types of Wind Storms in Poland

Non-Destructive Testing and Analysis of a XIX-Century Brick Masonry Building

The Influence of Micro Cracks Appearing During Concreting of Road Viaducts and Their Impact on a Frost-Thaw Resistance

Evaluation of the Cement Concrete Airfield Pavement’s Technical Condition Based on the APCI Index

Interaction of RC and PC Cylindrical Silos and Tanks with Subsoil

Soil-Structure Interaction of Cylindrical RC Tank of Variable Wall Thickness under the Constant Thermal Loading

Response of Two-Storey RC Frame with Special Base-Isolation Using Ruaumoko 2D Program

A Data Envelopment Analysis Based for Evaluating Efficiency of Bus Public Routes

Improving the Procedure of Probabilistic Load Testing Design of Typical Bridges Based on Structural Response Similarities

Assessment of State-of-the-Art Methods for Bridge Inspection: Case Study

Characteristics of Selected Physical and Mechanical Properties as well as Chemical Composition of Aggregates based on: Steel Slags, Porphyry and Diabase

Application of Weathered Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as a Supplementary Cementitious Material in Concrete

Effect of Setback Irregularity Location on the Performance of RC Building Frames Under Seismic Excitation

Filtration Resistance of Hardening Slurries with Fluidized Fly-Ashes under Sulphate Aggression

Seismic Evaluation of Deficient Reinforced Concrete Weak Beam-Column Joint Frames

Development of the New Polish Method for Capacity Analysis of Motorways and Expressways

The Properties of Mass Concrete with CFBC Fly Ash-Slag Binder

Large Scale Architectural Glass Slumping Process – Chalenges and Limitations

The Impact of Energy Dissipation Devices on the Size of Local Scour Beds on the Sluice Gate Model

Determining the Dynamic Resistance of Existing Steel Industrial Hall Structures for Areas with Different Seismic Activity

Simulation of a Deployable Tensegrity Column Based on the Finite Element Modeling and Multibody Dynamics Simulations

A Laboratory Study of Pressure Distribution and Residual Settlements in Wide Grading Double Layer Railway Ballast under Long-Term Cyclic Loading

The Method of Determining Horizontal Curvature in Geometrical Layouts of Railway Track with the Use of Moving Chord

New Static Analysis Methods for Plates Made of Monolithic and Laminated Glass

Ambiguity in Determining the Critical Temperature of a Steel Sway Frame with Semi-Rigid Joints

Seismic Damage Behaviour of Aeolian Sand Concrete Columns with I-Shaped Structural Steel

Numerical Analysis for Frequency and Displacement Improvement of a Long Span Floor Building

Early Age Concrete Volume Changes and Thermal Actions in Practice of Reinforced Concrete Liquid Tanks Design

Employment of Recycled Wood Waste in Lightweight Concrete Production

Analysis of Shear Capacity of GFRP Reinforced Beams without Stirrups According to Selected Design Standards

Uncertainty Analysis of the Stability Parameters of Rock Walls