Volume 66 (2020)

Volume 66 – Issue 3

My Pursuit of Truth in Building Materials Engineering

Condition of Circular Economy in Poland

Granite Dust as a Mineral Component of a Dry Cement Mortar Mixtures

Bond Strength of Concrete-Filled Hollow Section with Modified Fibrous Foamed Concrete

Inclinometer Method of Displacement Measurements as an Alternative to Optical Measurements in Structural Health Monitoring – on Site Tests

Water Quality Management in a Treatment Plant Using the Box-Jenkins Method

Scale Effect of Cement Mortar Specimens Subjected to High Temperatures Using Uniaxial Compressive and Splitting Tensile Tests

Air Humidity-Induced Error in Measuring Resistance of a Carbon Fibre Strain Sensor

Gpr as a Support Tool in Determining the Causes of Failure of Objects Built in the “White Box” Technology

The Relationship between the Mechanical Properties of Aggregates and their Geometric Parameters on the Example of Polish Carpathian Sandstones

Mitigation of Blast Load Risk on Reinforced Concrete Structures Considering Different Design Alternatives

Proposed Approach for Positioning Anchorage System in Concrete

Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Nano-Modified Cement Paste

Influence of Vehicle Velocity and its Parameters on the Bridge Structure Response – Case Study

Resistance to Progressive Collapse Performance Analysis of Steel Open-Web Sandwich Plate Structure

Optimal Form-Finding of Cable Systems

3D Abaqus Simulation of Bent Softwood Elements

Detection of Line Objects by Means of Gabor Wavelets and Hough Transform

Predicting the Length of a Post-Accident Absence in Construction with Decision Trees and Their Ensembles

Crane Selection Problem in Assembly Works Planning – Criteria Relevance and Methods

Estimation of Critical Wind Speed on the Basis of Roof Blow-Off

Flexural and Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Carbon Textile Reinforced Concrete

Experimental Study of Compressive Failure of Concrete under Static and Dynamic Loads

Technical Assessment of Old Buildings by Probabilistic Approach

Vibrational Characteristics of Façade Frame Scaffoldings

Influence of Hemp-Lime Composite Composition on its Mechanical and Physical Properties

The Optimization Tool Supporting Supply Chain Management in the Multi-Criteria Approach

Searching for Optimal Pre-Stressing of Steel Bar Structures Based on Sensitivity Analysis

Predicting Index to Complete Schedule Performance Indicator in Highway Projects Using Artificial Neural Network Model

Reliability of Beams Subjected to Torsion Designed Using STM

Application Research of High Pressure Jet Grouting Pile in an Underground Engineering In Vietnam

The Use of Modern Techniques for Energy Analyses in Iraqi Buildings

Shear Resistance of Low Height Precast Concrete Lintels

Comparison of the Bending Strenght of a Steel Plate–Concrete Composite Beams Defined Experimentally, Theoretically And Numerically

Planning Repetitive Construction Processes to Improve Robustness of Schedules in Risk Environment

Tension-Strut Systems in Conservation of Historical Buildings: Examples of Applications

Probability-Based Critical Temperature Assessment for Simple Steel Beam Exposed to Fire

Strengths of Recycled Concrete Added with Steel Fiber

Finite Element Modelling of the Hexagonal Wire Mesh