Volume 66 (2020)

Volume 66 – Issue 2

Numerical Simulations of Metallic Foam Safeguarded RC Square Columns under Lateral Soft Impact

Intensity of Damage in the Aging Process of Buildings

Effectiveness of Shear Strengthening of Walls Made Using AAC Blocks — Laboratory Test Results

The Impact of a Geogrid System on Load-Bearing Capacity of Natural Airfield Pavements

Fire Resistance Assessment of the Long-Span Steel Truss Girder

Factors Affecting Workforce at Construction Site

Comfort of Use Assessment in Buildings with Interior Wall Insulation Based on Silicate and Lime System in the Context of the Elimination of Mould Growth

Characterization Study on Mechanical Properties of Polyester Coated Fabric

Stress-Strain Model for Confined Fiber-reinforced Concrete under Axial Compression

Evaluation of State of Fine Sands on the Basis of Shear Wave Velocity

Inclinometer Method of Displacement Measurements as an Alternative to Optical Measurements in Structural Health Monitoring — Laboratory Tests

Semi-Analytical Modelling of Multilayer Continuous Systems Nonlinear Dynamics

Cauchy-based Modelling in Cementitious Materials Technology

Numerical Analysis of Road Acoustic Screen

Effect of Protruding Rebar From Casting Element on Temperature Development and Compressive Strength of Mass Concrete

Experimental Behaviour of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Composite Beams

Influence of Chloride Ion Corrosion on the Performance of Reinforced Concrete Beam Bridge in Offshore Environ ment

Reduction of Perpendicular to Grain Stress in Double-Tapered Glulam Beams with the Transverse Reinforcement

Firsts Post-Tensioned Slab Bridges in Poland — the Bridge in Pawia Street in Lublin

Stability Analysis of Drilling Rigs Moving on a Weak Subsoil. Selected Case Studies

Asphalt Concrete Produced from Rejuvenated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)

Rules for Using the Point Rating Scales in Inspections of Road Bridges

Formulae for Buckling Load Bearing Capacity of Glass Structure Elements

Inverse Analysis as a Key Element of Safety Assessment under the Snow Load For The Large Suspension Roofs Structure

Experimental Study of the Basic Mechanical Properties of Hardened Gypsum Paste Modified with Addition of Polyoxy methylene Micrograins

A Generalized Method for Assessing Emissions From Road and Air Transport on the Example of Warsaw Chopin Airport

Determination of the Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Content by Regression Analysis Using the Initial Setting Time