Volume 65 (2019)

Volume 65 – Issue 4

Numerical study of dynamic behaviors of concrete under various strain rates

Assessment of shear stresses from shrinkage and thermal deformation in wood-concrete bridge beams

Effect of selected Friction Stir Welding parameters on mechanical properties of joints

Freeze-proof durability of concrete incorporating recycled coarse aggregate

The concept of method of detecting and analyzing construction defects in residential buildings

Parametric analysis of the sensitivity of a prestressed concrete beam using the DOE simulation technique

Minimum value approach for modelling of the buckling resistance of welded I-section high strength steel columns

Experimental tests of steel unstiffened double side joints with flush and extended end plate

Investigating the performance of isolation systems in improving the seismic behavior of urban bridges. A case study on the Hesarak Bridge

Formation of temperature cracks of concrete in high-rise buildings and the corresponding measures

Preliminary evaluation of seismic performance of engineering structures with perform 3D

Mechanical properties of aluminium bracket strengthening

A model of the moment curvature relation for RC beams strengthened with prestressed CFRP laminates

Accuracy of merging point clouds at the maximum range of a scanner with limited possibilities of target placement

Design using special steel sheet profiles – procedures developed within the framework of Grispe and Grispe Plus projects

Non-destructive testing methods as a main tool supporting effective waste management in construction processes

The structure of the optimal control in the problems of strength optimization of steel girders

Model of construction subcontractors selection with time windows for their availability

Hidden capital as an alternative method for increasing punching shear resistance of LWCA flat slabs