Volume 64 (2018)

Volume 64 – Issue 4/I

Study of the curative role of "Draas" in evacuating dunes threatening roads in the Lower Algerian Sahara: physical model on a smaller scale

Theoretical analytical solution of deformation and stress distribution of underground gas storage cavern in bedded salt rock

Optimization analysis of construction scheme for large-span highway tunnel under complex conditions

Risk assessment of tunnel portals in the construction stage based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Method of calculation flexural stiffness over natural oscillations frequencies

Estimation of the modulus fir wood reinforced with PBO fiber mesh

Stability and resistance of steel continuous beams with thin-walled box sections

The application of a logistic regression model for predicting preferences of transport system users

Choosing a proper method for strengthening WPC beams with grooving method using SWARA-EDAS

Analysis of the properties of expansive concrete with portland and blast furnace cement

Properties of asphalt concrete with basalt-polymer fibers

Constitutive modelling and numerical implementation of SMA material with internal loops

Numerical verification of the wooden structure of fortified settlement from the early iron age in Biskupin

Thermal bowing of reinforced concrete elements exposed to non-uniform heating

Validation of the cone penetrometer suitability for determining the state of soil

Analysis of the barrette load investigation of the tallest building in European Union

Experimental investigations on punching shear of flat slabs made from lightweight aggregate concrete