Volume 62 (2016)

Volume 62 – Issue 2

Evaluation of microtexture changes of coarse aggregate during simulated polishing

Effect of adding crushed glass to asphalt mix

Analiza niewielkich działek budowlanych na obszarach o dużej gęstości zabudowy

Ocena wpływu poślizgu na ugięcie belek zespolonych typu stalowa blacha-beton

Flexible designing of large sports complex

Conctruction scheduling and stability of the resulting schedules

Studies on the microstructure of epoxy-cement composites

Three-point bending of seven layer beams - theoretical and experimental studies

Flexible adjustment of hotel facilities to market demand

Life cycle cost modelling of buildings with consideration of the risk

The application of multi-criteria analysis in the evaluation of partnering relations and the selection of a construction company for the purposes of cooperation

Identification of risk factors of development and operation of roads in the light of surveying work

Influence of compliance criteria on the value of reliability index

Evaluation of data obtained from expert opinions in multi-criteria analyses of construction investment variants

Knowledge discovery in data in construction projects

Computation of thin-walled cross-section resistance to local buckling with the use of the critical plate method

Dynamics of an orthotropic railway bridge in the light of European Sandards

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